What We Need is Love (Remix)

The song is written and performed by the talented Belinda Brady and is a ray of light for world beat and reggae lovers. The Remix is produced by the renowned multi-platinum producer, Marvin Prince, and has the power to build a bridge to peace and love. The beat has a flavour of “Reggae meets Pop vibe,” and is sensational. It is released at a time when the world needs hope and love, and where nations seek ways to heal from the challenges of 2020.  “Let love soar.”

What We Need Is Love

After celebrating the success of her latest song “Show me,” Belinda is ready again to launch her new single “What we need is Love,” to be aired on all digital and social media platforms on December 23rd, 2020. The song written and produced by the talented icon is a ray of light for world beat and reggae lovers. In a time when the world needs hope and love, it is forthcoming that the song is released as timely as it is, when the world is looking for ways and means to overcome the fear and division resulting from the challenges of 2020. “Let love soar” and “free your mind.”

Irie Music Festival

The TD Irie Music Festival returns virtually to celebrate its 18th annual edition, streamed live on twitch.com. Fans can log on to twitch.com or log in from Iriemusicfestival.com, to enjoy a variety of live musical selections, ranging from reggae to soca and Afro beat performances. The celebration will be exquisite, as the stunning and indelible Belinda Brady will ignite the virtual platform with her captivating and illustrious stage presence, which is bound to thrill reggae lovers all around the globe. The two-time Juno award nominee is known for captivating her audience and leaving a lasting memory of her vocal presentations, that will bring the 2020 TD Irie Music Festival to a new level of success and pave the way for rave reviews.