Belinda is no stranger to duologues or panel discussions whether on or off camera, with or without an audience. She has accumulated an insurmountable measure of footage in her career that is responsible for creating the buzz her craft deserves on radio, television, numerous media houses and on all social media platforms. She is highly admired for bringing life and knowledge to the world with her effervescent personality and her incessant charisma. When you listen to Belinda’s interviews, you are bound to find the colors of her heart, and the passion that exudes from her dynamic nature. Listeners are always up for a surprise which could range from the release of a new album or single, her upcoming events and shows or international tours. Tune in to her world, and be inspired by her dialogues geared to take you from the corners of memory lane and into the vast expanse of the 21st Century.


What We Need is Love (Remix)

New Release on Friday February 26

On all Online Platforms

The song is written and performed by the talented Belinda Brady and is a ray of light for world beat and reggae lovers. The Remix is produced by the renowned multi-platinum producer, Marvin Prince, and has the power to build a bridge to peace and love. The beat has a flavour of “Reggae meets Pop vibe,” and is sensational. It is released at a time when the world needs hope and love ....

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