Performance Coaching

Stage Presence Matters

Whether you perform for yourself, on YouTube to your followers, on your TikTok account, IGTV or any other platform, stage presence matters.

If you want to learn the art of performance, you have come to the right place to engage your musical performance skills. There are three key points to learn when understanding stage presence and performing:

  • Feeling comfortable in your body
  • Allowing yourself to engage in the sensory experience
  • Communicating expression to an audience
Get in the Zone

If you’ve ever heard of being in the zone, it can be described as when a performer is having the best performance of their life. Everything has fallen into place, it is where preparation meets practice and you’re engaged, the audience is engaged and you are focused!

Learning how to enjoy being in the moment, and ad libbing is an art within itself, all make for a better performance. 

It takes a lot to stay in that zone and you can apply focus points to make sure you are in check.

  • Are you relaxed? 
  • Can you hear and engage with your band? 
  • Can you feel and hear the notes? 

Questions like these can help you maintain focus and get back into feeling truly engaged. 

Preparation and practice is key
  • Do you have a live band to rehearse or is it a backing track? 
  • Have you prepared how you talk, engage with your band and audience and
  • Have you used audience interaction techniques to hype up the crowd.

Learning how to enjoy being in the moment, and ad libbing is an art within itself, all make for a better performance. 

In front of any audience can build confidence. Fun fact, when Missy Elliot was a kid she used to perform for bugs! Whatever audience you are in front it will help you connect with them so that they feel the need to learn more about you, buy your music, stream it, share it with family, friends etc. and all of this leads to a growing fanbase and maybe go viral too. 

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What We Need is Love (Remix)

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The song is written and performed by the talented Belinda Brady and is a ray of light for world beat and reggae lovers. The Remix is produced by the renowned multi-platinum producer, Marvin Prince, and has the power to build a bridge to peace and love. The beat has a flavour of “Reggae meets Pop vibe,” and is sensational. It is released at a time when the world needs hope and love ....

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