A lot of us complain that we don’t have enough time for the things we enjoy. With our busy lives, practicing music is often dropped for more “important” tasks.

Angela May 7, 2021

In today’s challenging world, people who can process information quickly, ignore distractions, and switch smoothly from one task to another are enormous advantages to any business.

Angela April 30, 2021

In a previous blog we discussed the benefits of a music education. Today we discuss the connection between music and math.

Angela April 23, 2021

In last week’s blog we listed five benefits that a music education offers to a child’s education and personal growth.

Angela April 16, 2021

Music education offers many benefits to a child’s education and personal growth. When a child plays an instrument or sings, they are doing more than moving their fingers or using their voice.

Angela April 9, 2021

Music is a great tool for expressing human feelings and emotions. A songwriter and singer shares their emotions with every song. Music expresses joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation

Angela April 2, 2021

If you thought Belinda was finished with her musical escapades think again! She continues to light the world with her effervescence in entertainment, and is prepared to meet the new demands

Angela March 27, 2021

The 2nd annual Sauga City Music Conference was a major success. The Webinar on “Digital Strategies for Artists to Reach a Diverse Audience” was a winning jackpot for those upcoming artists

Angela March 20, 2021

Toronto based Jamaican Singer Belinda Brady is no rookie to the music arena, and is making vigorous strides in the industry. She wears many hats as a performer, musician, songwriter, composer

Belinda March 10, 2021

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