is passionate in supporting the aspirations of upcoming talents. By giving back to the community through teaching and mentoring she is able to equip any artist in becoming who they aspire to be in the world of Musical arts. Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers are invited to survey her innovative programs to reach into the heart of Music and Video Production, Digital Marketing, Performance Coaching, Vocal and Music Training, Song Writing, Photo Shoots and more. With extensive accolades, musical abilities and vast experiences spawned from her background in engineering and production, she is an indubitable ambassador for performing arts education. Under her tutelage, find out how to hone skills in any area of music production, uncover your brand identity, and unlock your potential. Find out the formula for writing that hit song you dreamed about and make applications to vocals and musical accompaniments. By learning the art of vocals, upcoming artists are able to apply music theory through aural training, and garner the confidence needed for success. Boost your entertainment business by engaging a mass audience through the Music and Digital Marketing program and learn how to define your brand by using digital platforms to distribute your music in retail stores and gain the attention of your supporters through a targeted audience. All programs are geared to amass the requirements that are necessary for accelerated progress which is pooled together for your greatest achievements under the diverse and innovative programs of

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Performance Coaching

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Sauga City Music Conference

Fri Mar 19th - 1pm to 2:30pm EST


The Sauga Music Festival returns for it’s 2nd annual Music Conference taking place in Zoom from March 17 to 26th 2021. Stay tuned on March 19th for the New and most requested topic “Digital Strategies for Artists to reach a Diverse Audience,” with Master Coach Belinda Brady on the Panel. Sign up and see...

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