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Photography is a Must for Artists

Professional photography is a must for any artist to build their brand. Everything we do now is visual, whether traditionally or currently the music industry has always connected music with visuals. Album covers used to be one of the driving factors to sell albums back in the day. Even now it is extremely important to create and build a visual brand. From album covers, digital print or billboard, an artist must have a brand personality that matches their music. Similar to a trademark your persona must be recognized by your fans. 

Brand Identity

One way to find your brand identity is to look to other artists you admire and the elements about them that inspire your music. How do their social media accounts speak to you, what do they post? Do they have concert t-shirts and posters? What do the past album covers of your favorite artists look like? 

All of this and more can be used to influence your visual brand. When creating a professional press kit it is important to have high profile images and the following: 

  • An enticing bio that speaks to your artistry and the music you have created and what is next for you
  • High-resolution, downloadable photos are a must! Live shots, stills, a variety of images should be included that visually speak about your music
  • Your music of course must be included and the appropriate streaming platform where it can be found
  • High-quality videos of live performances, studio sessions, meet and greets and more are always a must for the media to use
  • Reviews, highlights and articles of your music, performances and videos are all necessary to complete a press kit
  • Don’t forget social media handles and links but only to the accounts that you use the most
  • Last but not least always include your contact information and if you have an agent or publisher, include their contact information as well.  

Ensure that your performance photos are well represented on your website, social media, streaming platforms and more! Stand out from other artists and engage with your audience with your photos. 

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