Performance Coaching

Stage Presence Matters
Whether you perform for yourself, on YouTube to your followers, on your TikTok account, IGTV or any other platform, stage presence matters. If you want to learn the art of performance, you have come to the right place to engage your musical performance skills. There are three key points to learn when understanding stage presence and performing:
  • Feeling comfortable in your body
  • Allowing yourself to engage in the sensory experience
  • Communicating expression to an audience
Get in the Zone
If you’ve ever heard of being in the zone, it can be described as when a performer is having the best performance of their life. Everything has fallen into place, it is where preparation meets practice and you’re engaged, the audience is engaged and you are focused!

Learning how to enjoy being in the moment, and ad libbing is an art within itself, all make for a better performance. 

It takes a lot to stay in that zone and you can apply focus points to make sure you are in check.
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