Songwriting Camps

Songwriting Hit Maker Style

Our songwriting camp will teach how to write, record and perform a student’s original song. 

As an artist, learning how to write a song is a good way to exercise that skillset, apply what you learn to current songs you are writing and also develop the confidence to build your talent similar to learning an instrument. You can also write songs for other artists and develop that title along with musicianship. Here are some of the items covered in this program:

  • Song concept
  • Song structure
  • Song hook 
  • Repetition
  • Verse, pre chorus and chorus length
  • Key
  • Beats per minute
Songwriting Camps
From concept to Lyrics

Learn song form, harmony, and developing lyrics. Recording, producing and adding live instruments are also part of our camp. Most importantly, students will get to combine all that they have learned by creating, writing and telling their story with song. They will get a chance to perform their original song during the song camp and receive guided feedback.

Song Length

You must be wondering by now, how can I write that hit song? How can I get people to sing along to my lyrics, reach the Billboard charts or reach high streaming numbers. There is a formula to writing “that” song, and it starts with song length. Hit songs these days stretch three minutes to three minutes and thirty seconds. Anything shorter your audience might forget and a song longer than let’s say four minutes, might lose a listener’s attention.

The chorus of your song must be at the 45 second mark or minute no longer. Listener’s want to hear that chorus quickly. Some songs include the chorus right at the beginning of the song to get you hooked and you should aim for the same. 

The Hook

A hook that people remember is a winner. Think of your favorite songs and when you anticipate the hook, you want to do the same for the song you write as well. Hooks are catchy and a part of the song that most people remember and sing along to. 

The Key

The key you write the song in is also something that you have to consider, major key or minor key. How do you want the listener to feel when listening to your song? 

Your verses should be short and help tell the story of our song. You want your listener to remember the verses too, and keeping the lyrics tight helps. 

Beats Per Minute – BPM

Beats per minute, an important factor to consider for your song. Songs that reach 136 BPM and have a faster tempo do well on the charts. One hundred twenty beats per minute is a good beginning and still maintains a good tempo. 

An additional tip is to add a pre-chorus before the chorus. The lyrics here don’t have to be the same every time, but are more memorable if it stays the same. The pre-chorus adds excitement plus help to stretch the song if it is short. 

This is the type of songwriting skills you will learn at the Belinda Brady Arts Academy. 

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