In last week’s blog we listed five benefits that a music education offers to a child’s education and personal growth.

Angela April 16, 2021

Music education offers many benefits to a child’s education and personal growth. When a child plays an instrument or sings, they are doing more than moving their fingers or using their voice.

Angela April 9, 2021

Music is a great tool for expressing human feelings and emotions. A songwriter and singer shares their emotions with every song. Music expresses joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation, and a number of other emotions.

Angela April 2, 2021

If you thought Belinda was finished with her musical escapades think again! She continues to light the world with her effervescence in entertainment, and is prepared to meet the new demands of her renowned band Belinda Brady & Friends, originally called BB’s Band.

Angela March 27, 2021

The 2nd annual Sauga City Music Conference was a major success. The Webinar on “Digital Strategies for Artists to Reach a Diverse Audience” was a winning jackpot for those upcoming artists who sought direction on how to capitalize on marketing strategies in the digital world.

Angela March 20, 2021

Toronto based Jamaican Singer Belinda Brady is no rookie to the music arena, and is making vigorous strides in the industry. She wears many hats as a performer, musician, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and now Master Coach for Brady Arts Academy.

Belinda March 10, 2021

Belinda Brady is creating a buzz on social media and turning heads with her new track “What We Need is Love Let it Soar.” The original song written and composed by Belinda, has evolved into a roaring club mix twist, produced by the renowned multi-platinum producer DJ Marvin Prince.

Belinda March 3, 2021

Channelling your music on various digital platforms is a crucial part of music promotion. Almost gone are the days when distributors sought arduously to get records in stores for people to buy them through their promotions.

Belinda February 23, 2021

Connecting with fans 24/7 is pivotal to inciting fan engagement. Your followers want to hear from their favorite artist to see what’s new.

Belinda February 11, 2021

Grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them captivated throughout your performance is an art.

Belinda February 3, 2021

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