Music Production

Analogue Recording
As an artist you may want to experiment with analogue versus digital sound. You will learn that with analogue you will require a full studio and the reel to reel known to give a warm inviting sound. Traditionally, analogue recording stood at the forefront of music production as artists and bands produced, mixed and mastered their singles and albums to press into vinyl LP, or cassettes tapes. Bands like Bob Marley and the Wailers, Led Zeppelin, Elle Fitzgerald, Pearl Jam to name a few took advantage of this format of recording creating their staple sound.
Digital Recording
Recording using digital mediums today simply requires a computer, a good pair of studio monitors, a condenser microphone and a decent flat sounding environment to record mix and master. Digital distribution requires a high quality audio file to save an mp3 or wav format. Of course, you can add more bells and whistles to create a state of the art digital studio recording environment. The cool thing is, your studio can be scalable and suitable to your needs. We can help you be more efficient in the studio to produce material quicker from start to finish.
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