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Why Video Visuals Are important for an Artists
As an artist your visuals become increasingly more important as there are more platforms available to share, stream and post all of your content. When it comes to video and social media, video is king. On Instagram alone videos generate more engagement than any other type of content on that platform. YouTube especially is where you will need to have your content for the following reasons:
  • Billion videos are watched on YouTube per day
  • 40 minutes is the average viewing session on a mobile device
  • 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • YouTube is the second most visited site in the world
  • 30 million people are active on YouTube daily
With statistics like these, it’s extremely important that your videos create more fans and capture an audience. When starting to create your music video you have to consider which of your songs to choose. The longer the song the more it cost to shoot. Is your song coming out at a specific time? Is it a new single? Do you need a team to help bring your video together?
From Video Concept to Video Publishing
Your video production must start with a concept, what do you want the visuals to represent about the chosen song? A storyboard helps to draw out scene by scene how you want your video to come to life. What do you want the location of your video to be? Completely in-studio, specific landmark, city, a body of water? Options are endless.
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