Vocal & Music Training

Vocal or Music Instrument training

Experienced and professional vocal trainers and music professors teach and guide our students from music theory, aural training and confidence! Here are some of the programs we offer:

  • Ear Training 
  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Trumpet Lessons
  • Sax Lessons
  • Trombone Lessons
  • Vocal Training

Ear Training

As a vocal artist, your first instrument is your voice and learning to use that instrument to the best of your ability is always good practice. When enhancing your musical hearing skills your voice is the most closely related.  As a musician you rely on your ears. We can teach you to strengthen how you listen to notes and sing them back.  This will help to improve your musical listening skills. 

Music Instrument Training

Music training helps you to concentrate and apply self-discipline to use what you are learning to every lesson and improve upon your musical ability. Develop artistic ability through your music training and self expression by learning scales, chords, keys range tone and the right technique in order to develop your musical skills. 

Vocal Yoga Training

Learn to build range, flexibility, study rhythm exercises, vocal exercises, warm up and more! Use breathing exercise to learn how to focus and relax while applying vocal techniques to help you strengthen and stretch your vocal chords. Beginner, Intermediate or advanced programs are available. 

Finding Your Voice

Sung or spoken rhythmic exercises can also help you to find your voice as well as audio ear training and how vowels sound when you alter the sound. 

We teach you how to use your voice to build confidence, whether in private lessons or group lessons you will learn to trust your natural instrument.

Do you want to expand your vocal range? We can teach you to hold notes longer and apply breathing exercises to reach octaves you may not have thought were possible. 

Training your voice also helps to improve how you communicate and speak. Your tone, diction, clarity and expression will all change with singing lessons. Eye contact, expression and improvement of body expression are all benefits to learning how to sing. 

With advanced training self-expression can also be learned and applied through singing and using an instrument at the same time, the connection to the music whether it be your own or another artist is valuable and necessary. 

Sing louder and own your voice with vocal and music training from the Belinda Brady Arts Academy. 

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