Belinda April 2, 2021

Express Yourself Using Music

Music is a great tool for expressing human feelings and emotions. A songwriter and singer shares their emotions with every song. Music expresses joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation, and a number of other emotions. 

Consider these songs: 

  • We Found Love by Rihanna
  • Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston 
  • Hello by Lionel Ritchie 

All of us can relate to the emotions in these songs. Chances are songs remind you of different events in your life. At weddings, brides and grooms enjoy their first dance as husband and wife to “their song.”

Music comes in different forms and styles, from reggae to hip-hop to rock and pop. There’s acapella, solo acts and instrumental melodies. Regardless of the style or cultural background, music connects people in amazing ways. People use music to share stories, celebrate their culture, and connect with God. 

Music is universal. 

Music is also therapeutic. Consider the story of an elderly woman in a medical facility who was angry but could not speak. After three days of escaping her punches, the staff call a certified music therapist. 

She played the song, “Bicycle Built for Two,” and the elderly woman joined in. She knew the words to all the verses. 

That’s the power of music. 

Our bodies are musical. We respond to music by humming, tapping our toes, or dancing to the beat. Some people even believe the movement of blood and fluids in our bodies has a musical rhythm. 

Tap into your hidden musical talents and learn how to express yourself with a Vocal & Music Training course from the Belinda Brady Arts Academy. 

Written by: Nicole Holas

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