Belinda November 27, 2020

Finding your voice

So often we go above and beyond trying to find our voices when truly what we need to do is discover our own voices and establish who we are as singers. Spending regular time hearing our voices and identifying how we can improve vocal range, tone, diction, clarity and expression is the cornerstone of uncovering our unique voices.

The journey will take the patience of fine tuning what you already have and to improve on what you hear. There is always the opportunity to strengthen those weaknesses. All singers work on developing their voices to get them to the place where they are comfortable. A regular routine to build and train your voice is necessary to get to this point. This will include rhythmic exercises through speaking or singing.

The journey of discovery and mastering your singing voice is in spending time alone with your voice and connecting with your mind, your soul, your heart and your spirit. This will help to build your confidence, and you will learn to trust your own natural instrument. Believe in yourself and validate your gift. Find a teacher, mentor or coach that will tap into your inner voice and bring it to life.

You will find that application of breathing exercises is essential to reaching the octaves you may not have thought were possible. With advanced training you will feel more confident in using an instrument at the same time, and connect with music whether it be your own or another artist.

Give yourself permission to surrender to the training that you need to improve your natural sound, eye contact with your audience and overall expression in order to master your singing voice and unleash the treasure that you already possess.

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