Belinda March 3, 2021

New Single: What We Need is Love Let it Soar

Belinda Brady is creating a buzz on social media and turning heads with her new track “What We Need is Love Let it Soar.” The original song written and composed by Belinda, has evolved into a roaring club mix twist, produced by the renowned multi-platinum producer  DJ Marvin Prince. The single has a flavour of “Reggae meets Pop” vibe and is currently released on all music platforms.

The timely release is in a season when the world needs a message of hope and love, and where nations seek ways to heal from the inherited challenges of 2020. An interview with the artist revealed the passion to exude a breath of fresh air into a world that is hurting and in need of change. She brings a strong message of unity that is built on standing together as one people who feel the same pain, hurt and shame. Avid listeners to the track, will spot the call to remove the chains from their minds and gain the freedom to let love soar all around the world.

Carefully webbed in the fabric of the song is the tone of creating the awareness that the warming of our planet is a reflection of an aching world. Belinda brings a universal message that the change that we need is an extension of a change that is not only requisite for nature but in how we care for each other, and respect each other.

Belinda is pleased with the level of musicianship that accompanies the song which includes musicians from BB’s Band, on drums, bass, and horn, all of which played a key role in the making of the original track. The club mix is out now on all digital music platforms, and on her YouTube channel. She hopes to produce a video for the song in the near future, and fans are encouraged to visit her websites for any event updates.

What we Need is Love Let it Soar, is a sure hit and fans are buzzing with excitement. The song promises longevity as the universal message of hope and love will last for a very long time. It has the power to build a bridge to change in our own milieu, and eventually to the wider world. Indeed, what the world needs now is love, let it soar like an eagle, all around the world! 

Written by: Nadine Brady-Taylor

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