Belinda February 3, 2021

The Advantage of Stage Presence

Grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them captivated throughout your performance is an art.

This ability to command attention and engagement is a skill that is sharpened overtime as the artist progresses through their career on stage.

Stage presence is often realized when the performer becomes comfortable in their delivery and is able to connect with their audience when they are completely in the moment and executing their work with confidence. Coupled with the musical talent and vocal abilities of an artist, an audience is drawn by his or her facial expressions, movement, body language, and verbal and non-verbal communications.

In doing so, the performer is able to see the rewards of completely surrendering themselves to the moment and inviting their onlookers into their world. In drawing them into your performance you incite audience participation by making them feel the emotions generated from your artistry and share in the passion that you exude.

Leaving a lasting memory of your production through your stage presence will create a magnetic appeal that will pull them to your next performance. The key to this end goal is hard work and commitment in preparing for your performance.

Once the artist is completely confident in his or her act and has determined the techniques that will be used to lure the audience, he or she is bound to mesmerize their fans. Once you leave a lasting impression, your audience will support you and be drawn to follow your performances. They will spread your work on social media platforms, bring attention to your artistry, and share the good news about your professionalism and charisma.  

Written by: Nadine Brady-Taylor

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