How to Achieve Your Musical Dream

You are a dreamer with a musical fantasy. You are going to take a leap and aim high to achieve that goal. You’re ready to give it your all. 

But then someone says to you, “Get Real! You’ll never do it.” 

Maybe that person, is you? 

Dreams are powerful, but there is a barrier that stops us from achieving them. 

In today’s blog, we show you how to create your own musical fantasy by breaking through that barrier.  

Let’s begin by examining your musical fantasy and three reasons why it’s powerful. 

1. It defines our “true self” and ensures our efforts are aligned with our values.

2. It sets an ambitious target that brings out our best.

3. It motivates us! We approach our musical learning consistently and enthusiastically. 

But what is the barrier that keeps us from achieving our musical dreams? 

You might notice it in these examples from musicians: 

  • “I want to be able to play anything I hear! Actually, just managing a simple melody would be okay.”
  • “I want the ability to hold my own and create some interest in what I’m playing. Actually I’m not too bothered about creating the interest as long as the other stuff I’m doing reasonably well makes me happy.
  • “I want to learn to improvise. I don’t want to be a professional or anything

It’s simple. – We tend to downplay our dreams. We back off from our true goals and substitute an “okay” or “good enough” alternative. 

This is a natural and understandable reaction. We all do it. It may seem harmless, but it keeps us from achieving our goals. 

Two things cause this barrier: 

1. We are humble: Humility is admirable – we don’t want to boast too much about our own potential. But what if your humility is holding you back and stopping you from reaching your full capability? 

Set goals and aspirations purely for yourself, for your own guidance and motivation. Apply unlimited ambition to your goals without feeling guilty or ashamed about aiming high. This way, pride and humility won’t affect you. 

2. Our ego wants to protect us: We all have two voices in our heads – the optimistic, ambitious voice that encourages us to reach for the stars and shoot for our dreams – and the rational, conservative voice that says, “Don’t even think about it. That’s unrealistic.”

Don’t resent your rational voice because it’s trying to protect you. Adults fear failure, and our ego tries to keep us away from situations where we might fail. We need to risk failure to achieve our greatest potential. 

Tell your doubting voice, “Thanks for protecting me. I hear you, but I’m going to take a chance. The risk is small and I care more about the potential gain than a tiny amount of discomfort.” 

It takes courage to stand up and take a leap, but it’s also incredibly empowering, exciting, and impactful. The next time you’re defining a goal or envisioning your musical fantasy, acknowledge your pride and your rational voice. Then be honest about what you want and go for it.

When you’re ready to fulfill your musical dream, contact the Brady Arts Academy. Our instructors and programs will put you on the right track.

Written by: Nicole Holas