Belinda as the Master Coach

Toronto based Jamaican Singer Belinda Brady is no rookie to the music arena, and is making vigorous strides in the industry. She wears many hats as a performer, musician, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and now Master Coach for Brady Arts Academy. With extensive accolades, musical abilities and vast experiences spawned from her background in engineering and production, she is an indubitable ambassador for performing arts education.

With more than two decades of solid training and experience as a performing artist, as well as with the acumen of self-management, she is able to get a head start in launching her Academy, geared towards giving back to the community through teaching and mentoring. By doing so, she is able to equip any artist in becoming who they aspire to be in the world of Musical arts and entertainment.

Brady Arts Academy has launched several programs including Vocal and Music Training, Music and Digital Marketing, Music and Video Production, Performance Coaching, Song Writing, and Photo Shoots. As the Master Coach and Manager of these programs, she has been able to seek out professional music coaches to work alongside her in delivering quality mentorship to students who register for her programs.

Belinda spearheads the Vocal and Music Training modules, Music and Digital Marketing, Artist Development and Consultation, Performance Coaching, and the Songwriting Camps. Under her tutelage and mentorship students are trained in these programs and are given the tools that will equip them to hone their skills, and uncover their brand identity.

Modules are customized and tailored to accommodate students at various levels of talent who are able to unlock their potential and give back to their community. As the engine that makes the wheel turn for the Academy, Belinda encourages anyone who sees a dream in themselves to make it become a reality, and to experience the ultimate breakthrough that they have been searching for, at Brady Arts Academy.

Written by: Nadine Brady-Taylor