Digital Strategies for Artists

The 2nd annual Sauga City Music Conference was a major success. The Webinar on “Digital Strategies for Artists to Reach a Diverse Audience” was a winning jackpot for those upcoming artists who sought direction on how to capitalize on marketing strategies in the digital world. 

On the Panel, were some of the greats in the digital marketing industry such as the Marc Goode, Nikita Waugh, Chanele McFarlane and Belinda Brady. What a treat it was to learn from these experts and to see Belinda immersed in her role as Master Coach and Mentor. 

Host Phil Vassel kicked off the fest with a bang and invited TEDx speaker Chanele McFarlane to share her wealth of knowledge on using digital tools in social media such as Instagram Live, Tik Tok, Spotify and Apple music. She impressed on building brand partnerships and connecting with the right people in social media to win PR opportunities.

Nikita Waugh took the baton in sharing her expertise in digital marketing by taking a tactical approach. She looked at the positives in a season where she sees the pandemic as a catalyst for change, and that which gives artists the opportunity to engage on online streaming platforms, to learn the power of virtual tools, and to become a name in the digital world.    

Digital marketing expert Marc Goode brought fresh views on how to grow your music business online using innovative marketing strategies. He emphasized the importance of an online presence that had the power to multiply fans and supporters who would promote your brand through streaming and sharing. 

Belinda took the wheel and blazed the platform with her musical journey. She then leapt into her career as an entrepreneur that evolved into an artistpreneur who is able to heavily monetize her artistic talents and her music. Her newest venture is the creation of her own Academy teaching singing, music and other innovative programs that equip aspiring artists to take their music business to another level. 

With background experience in musical engineering, marketing and project management, Belinda has a 360 degree experience in every facet of the music business. As a recording artist she firmly impresses the necessity of understanding your audience in order to target them and monetize your brand. The goal is to grow your social media following and your email list in order to continuously remarket to them and monetize your work and your art.

Perhaps one of the greatest takeaways from Belinda as an artistpreneur  is to take your time to learn the digital ecosystem in the new world of the 21st Century. Leveraging your networks through social media is the hub of maximizing the advantages of the digital world. This would mean learning about the different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and gravitating to the ones that suit you best, and ones that are aligned with meeting your goals.

Leaving her final words of wisdom, Belinda impressed upon the necessity of a recording artist to keep up with the constant changes in the music business, where platforms are constantly changing and evolving. The only way to keep up with the upgrades is to consistently position yourself to be educated on the revolutionary changes. She shared some valuable resources and organic strategies that any musician could use to upgrade themselves, and those interested were encouraged to visit for the recording on “Digital Strategies for Artists to reach a Diverse Audience.” 

Written by: Nadine Brady-Taylor